Practice and Events

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The Lotus Great System of Life Cultivation

Awaken to the Miracles of Qi Gong through the Lotus Great System as transmitted by
Authentic Lineage Holder, Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi.

Qi Gong means “working with subtle energy” and is the proven science beneath Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Martial Arts, and all Yogic Healing Systems. The Lotus Great System is the highest and oldest Qi Gong Method in existence. These easy yet elegant meditations awaken both mind and body to the subtle energies composing its collective nature. Learning to focus these energies has countless benefits including optimal health, ageless beauty, inspired creativity, and tranquil being. It is common knowledge in China that Qi Gong promotes family harmony and collective world peace.

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi has been meticulously trained by Sacred Lineage Holders in this “Perfect Path”. Discover his proven methods to Self-Artistry and Sublime Health through the life-changing practice of Great Lotus Qi Gong.

You are invited to attend Master Wei Ling Yi’s practice groups in Los Angeles and learn these Life-Changing Arts at these locations:


Saturday mornings @ 9am
6479 Bradley Place
Los Angeles. CA 90056 (213) 482-3044

When parking do NOT block any driveways. Park next street over if necessary

Sunday, please call for time and address
(323) 934-9647.
(323) 782–3163

Wednesday evenings @8pm
11129 Garfield Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90230 (310) 430-5438
Go past it to first stop sign, turn left and park up on the street. Walk to house.

Grand Master Wei Ling Yi (founder and chancellor of the first international Qigong University in Beijing, Chairman of several World Qi Gong Congresses, and President of the World Qi Gong H.O.A.) is the “Great Son” of a prestigious Sichuan Qi Gong Family and the foremost authority and transmission holder of the Great Lotus System of the Qi Gong Science. He remains a world leader in the advancement of Qi Gong as both Science and Medicine in our evolving Holistic Age.