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Overtime, I’ve achieved certain evenness in temper. No longer becoming upset or negatively affected by things that happen in my life. The practices are so simple and practical. If I notice I’m in need of energy I rub my hands for a few seconds in order to create fragrance and inhale the fragrance, which fills my body with Qi. This has made a big difference in my life.

Since I first attended a seminar with Sifu, Wei Ling Yi, my life has changed profoundly. I’ve been practicing the Great Lotus System for 3 months now and have gained a much deeper awareness of myself in a physical, mental and spiritual way. I have a deeper sense of love for all people and find peace within myself.

My husband and I feel so much better afterward doing our practices. I love the subtle inward integration of mental understanding with the connection of the body experience and spiritual energy flow.
Sabrina and Jean

I had just finished dealing with an ankle I twisted a year ago that required physical therapy when I cracked my kneecap against a step I was climbing. I sat there and placed my hands on my knee, directing all of my energy into the kneecap. Later I put some ice on it continuing to direct energy into it. The next day I was almost back to normal. Amazing.

I met Master Wei in January 2005 and have been practicing Lotus Qi Gong using the rice bag, the fragrance practice and standing on the Lotus. Being in the presence of Master Wei calms me, producing a kind of clarity of mind. It’s as if his energy lifts those who function on a less optimistic level. Lotus Qi Gong cleanses my thoughts and steadies my heart.

After undergoing four hours of surgery, my recovery time turned out to be less than half of what I was told it would be. Even the doctors commented on how well I looked the next day.

My life long friend Mia and I are familiar with the work of Wei Ling Yi and the practice of Lotus Qi Gong. Mia is from Sweden and was visiting me this past summer in Los Angeles. After doing our morning Lotus Qi Gong practices we would sit to work on our musical. After about an hour of going nowhere a new idea unexpectedly just came through, shifting the entire core of the project. We knew that one of us in that moment was a vehicle for information passing through. In the weeks that followed we felt the stillness, the silence around us and the strong presence of the Qi field. The practice of Lotus Qi Gong is such a powerful practice to follow. The rewards are many.

While meditating recently, I felt wonderful warmth radiating through my body and a sense of expansion. My feet felt as if they were touching the ground, perhaps for the first time in many years. I felt truly supported. When sending Qi into my Lower Dan Tian I’ve been experiencing a heaviness or condensation with a slight buzzing sensation. Opening the lotus energy at the various chakra points is such an amazing experience.

I have experienced many spiritual as well as physical and emotional healings. Previously, I suffered from frequent migraine headaches and vertigo. Now I am able to stop or lessen the pain of the migraine. The vertigo is a thing of the past. My physical appearance continues to maintain a youthful look and my weight is stable even though I now eat larger quantities. My intuition and spiritual insight have heightened significantly. I can see into the future more clearly, and am often able to see into a person's heart. These practices are extremely effective for opening paths to tranquility of my mind and heart.

At times, when I’m mediating, dots appear. They’re red, blue or sometimes green. I sense the dots connect as if to spell something, but \am unable to make it out. Then, one day as I mediating my heart spoke LOVE.